This weekend in cell phone photos:

On Saturday we finally went to check out the children’s museum in Pasadena (Kidspace). It was pretty neat and I suppose worth the money if we need a good indoor play place for Billy to burn off some energy. Billy finally went down a slide on his own. Proud mama. It will be even more worth the money when Billy can appreciate some of the cool stuff there.

Sunday I was on my own with the boy and simultaneously coming down with a cold of some sort. It’s amazing what you will power through for the sake of a child. If it was just me I would be on the couch watching TV ALL day in and out of consciousness, but because I am a momma I got us out to the park for some morning play and then during his nap I cleaned up the patio and set up the baby pool so we could have lunch outside and cool off.  All this only got us to about 4:30 at which time I was EXHAUSTED and of course Billy was still chock full of energy. We spent the rest of the evening inside where I tried desperately to entertain him between his tantrums and me half passing out on the floor in his bedroom. Finally daddy arrived home around dinner time, we all ate some food, and now Billy is in bed so I can die in peace.

Not a bad weekend over all. Just wish I was feeling better.

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