12 months / 1 year update! (only 2 weeks late)

Sort of surprisingly I am not overflowing with thoughts and feelings about my son turning one. I mean, it’s pretty awesome, don’t get me wrong, but it hasn’t been earth shattering.

There was only one real development in the 12th month, mind you it was a big one…. WALKING!!  He went from 2-3 steps to full blown walking and ditching the crawling in 3-4 weeks flat. I was shocked.

12 month check up at the doctor went great. Nothing of real importance to note.  I think we’re doing everything right (for us) and Billy is thriving. I put down the baby books many months ago and haven’t felt the need to pick them up since then (the occasional Google search is enough for me).

Some stats just for the record:

4 teeth (and 4 more right on the brink of break through)

weight: 20.8 lbs (10-25th percentile)

length: 28.5 inches (10th percentile)

head circumference: 17 3/4 inches (5th percentile)

He’s a little guy! (with a tiny “grape” head just like his mommy)

He eats just about everything we eat, though getting the form and consistency just right for him can be tricky.

We’ve just about kicked the formula except for one bottle right before bedtime and the occasional bottle during the day.

He sleeps a solid 11-12 hours at night with 1-2 brief wakings. (and we’ve learned he can sleep right through a pretty loud and drunken bad movie night happening right next to his bedroom!!!!)

He still takes 2 naps a day about 1-1.5 hrs each on average.

He’s a healthy pooper.

I do not find myself mourning the loss of his babyhood as much as I find myself looking forward to watching him grow and learn; everyday becoming more and more my best buddy.

I have no baby fever.  He can be my one and only for a good long time as far as I’m concerned.

What more can I say? I think this will be the last of the monthly photo sessions.  I only planned to go to 12 months and I feel pretty satisfied with the whole endeavor.  Development updates will be more sporadic and just mixed in with regular posts. 

It’s been an amazing year.  I think it is so cool that I have had some of you reading my blog since Billy was born or even before that.  I feel so connected to my Tumblr peeps and it actually makes me sad when I find myself too busy to get caught up.  This has been and continues to be such a great place to reflect on my life with my family and make some virtual friends along the way.

One year down and many more to go!!!



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